Business Plan Abstract

The goal of these analyses is to create a clear picture of this increasingly popular business strategy.

Individuals are buying, selling, and investing in goods and services online at an increasing rate in Barnes and Noble, Inc. Research tells us this trend will continue and B&, a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, Inc.

In addition, an analysis of the number of jobs sent overseas versus the number of jobs created in the United States will be used to assess the effects that outsourcing is having on the American economy and job market.

Finally, the value of jobs lost from the American economy will be compared to the value of jobs created.

Interaction with primary and secondary stakeholders has been affected by online business and will continue with B&'s approach to serving their world wide stakeholders.

The strategy that has been implemented to adapt to these changes and increase success in the fast growing technological environment is examined based on a broad review of literature in general business magazines, trade journals, newspapers, research journals, books, legitimate websites, and interactions with company representatives including a store manager, the manager of investor relations, and the director of corporate communications.

Abstracts are extensively used in academic research where the concept of the executive summary is not in common usage. read by parties who are trying to decide whether or not to read the main document", while "an executive summary, unlike an abstract, is a document in miniature that may be read in place of the longer document".

Executive summaries are important as a communication tool in both academia and business.

The United States has trained some of the world’s best computer programmers and technology experts.

Despite all of this training, many businesses do not have a full understanding of information technology.


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