Business Development Compensation Plans

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Make sure that you are also working on BD as well so that you would be aware how BD works, which is very important for a Tech Consultant professional.

Don't hesitate on giving him or her a handsome incentive. And the more you can give them, the better it would motivate them to assist you.

So you can add in some caveats to each part of the bonus. bonus if customer sat is below a specific measure (Net Promotor score, for example).

Or you can't earn your biz dev bonus if your utilization is below 70%.

So this won't be an easy job." Find someone truly excited about tackling this challenge, and then get to work together. You let them go, lower your expectations, adjust your commission structure and then hire new people. They won't trust you and won't feel excited about working for you anymore.

So bring in new people and start from scratch with them—this time with a more achievable commission structure.

There's a delicate balance to it: you want them to be aggressive enough to pursue deals with determination, but you don't want them to close bad deals.

Coming up with the right commission plan is a difficult and complex task.

Success will be achieved by moving and learning fast and course-correcting rather than thinking your way to perfect solutions and getting it right with the first execution.

We know founders that have been waiting for over two years before hiring much needed salespeople because they had analysis paralysis about the "right compensation structure". Once you have decided which way to go, you'll need to think about the actual numbers. How do you align their interests with your business' interests?


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