Biology Research Proposal Example

The Research Grant Proposal option will give you an opportunity to demonstrate several important scientific tools: familiarity with the current knowledge of a particular field; the ability to distinguish between an important question and a trivial one; familiarity with the scientific method and the tools used in a particular field, including their advantages and their limitations; the ability to generate a testable hypothesis and to design a series of experiments to test it.

The final draft of your proposal should describe a series of experiments that would take you 2-3 years of full-time effort to carry out.

The grade on this draft contributes 50% to your final grade.

If sufficient improvement is not demonstrated in the .

Remember, a hypothesis is a statement of principle that allows one to predict results of specific experiments. The relevance of the background information to your research question and hypotheses should be made clear throughout this entire section.

The Experimental Section contains a detailed description of the procedures you will use to test your hypothesis, written so your readers could duplicate your experiments if necessary.

In this section you relate the results of your work to the general body of knowledge you described and assessed in the Introduction.

In other words, here you come full circle, relating what your work has revealed to the state of knowledge when you began your project.

Try to encapsulate the research topic and objectives – i.e. The Introduction consists of an introduction to the field as a whole, a critical review of the work that has already been carried out in the field and a definition of the question you propose to investigate.

You should state your research question clearly and explicitly at the beginning of this section so your readers have a context for the review.


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