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Thanks for your thoughtful response How in-depth are you getting?Like, is this for your masters in stats, or a 6th grade project?

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It earned its name in the academic sector as well – many baseball-crazy students hunt for the coolest baseball research topics, trying to keep pace with the hottest trends in the baseball niche.

Developing a topic for a paper on baseball is a little more complex than it seems.

w OBA is scaled to be similar to OBP, but this project could scale it to something different, such as wins, which could give a very rudimentary o WAR.

But that would be college level work and quite possibly post-grad.

Writing a high-quality academic paper requires tons of time and patience.

As it happens, students can’t handle the disturbing profusion of assignments they get at school and end up seeking help on the information superhighway.If you just mean purely the stats (avg vs OPS, ERA vs FIP) then I don't know.Start at fangraphs and I'm sure you'll find some good sources and data.I also suggest looking at the blogs run by the Fangraphs staff as they have some very interesting stuff.You might not be able to cite that as a legitimate source but it could be a good starting point as far as finding out which stats are important.You'll also find that it's pretty hard to come up with a novel way of looking at sabermetrics and its impact.Teams have poured millions of dollars and there are a lot of very smart people who do this as a career.Really there is more than you'll ever need in that book both in depth and breadth.The authors go extremely in-depth in their methodology of quantifying the value of sabermetrics in one chapter which sounds closest to what you are looking for.No good databases, just stuff like EBSCO, but I could probably check out that book, the chapter you described seems quite helpful.Yeah I'm looking at the pros and cons of using sabremetrics when it comes to player performance and I'm supposed to examine my argument from multiple perspectives.


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