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• Participate in the commissioning and operation of the RICH or VELO sub-systems, monitoring the performance of the detectors and their readout systems.Of particular interest is maintaining the calibration of the RICH system’s performance using real data, by selecting background-free samples of K’s and π’s from D*±→ D0 (→K π) π±, and Λ0 → pπ decays.The group also leads efforts on the particle identification calibrations that are core to the real-time analysis strategy that LHCb shall adopt for the 2020s.

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The experiment also has high sensitivity to new physics effects by looking for enhanced rates of heavy flavour decays that are otherwise very rare in the Standard Model, or in unexpected angular distributions of such decays.

The LHCb detector has already collected a wealth of data, the analysis of which will likely form a significant fraction of the doctorate work.

The detector is currently being upgraded, coming online in 2021, and which will greatly increase the data collection rate.

Major responsibilities of the Oxford group are on the Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) counters and Vertex locator (VELO); the RICH detectors provide particle identification of pions, kaons and protons over the momentum range from 1 to 100 Ge V/c, and the VELO reconstructs B-decay vertices to a precision of around 150μm.

I initially used this technique to study pulsars but soon realized that it had larger applications.

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The issue of anomalous velocity distributions in galaxies suggested the presence of undetected mass so I used polarization diversity interferometry, the technique that I had developed to examine a completely unrelated phenomena, to study mass distribution in Seyfert galaxies.Each of our students spends one year or more at CERN. Phil supervisors are Alan Barr, Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, Claire Gwenlan, Chris Hays, Todd Huffman, Cigdem Issever, Richard Nickerson, Georg Viehhauser, Jeff Tseng, Daniela Bortoletto, Ian Shipsey and Tony Weidberg.Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact supervisors if they have any questions with regard to the thesis topics.I was working as a radio astronomer when pulsars were first detected and became fascinated by the discovery.I developed an observational method that used the polarization structure of signals to examine the path taken by photons from the source to the observer.These papers became the core of my thesis and resulted in a dual Ph D in astrophysics and radio astronomy. Note that even though this is a thesis sample, it is noted as a dissertation as well.Helpful tips and guidelines for writing the theses, examples of undergraduate theses, presentation tips and rubrics...You never know what will be the best “topic” until you become consumed by a problem that is hard to solve.Precision measurements of Higgs properties will be performed to seek evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model.Our sensitivity to the production Dark Matter and other exotic particles is also better than it has ever been before.


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