Asu Barrett Honors College Essay

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Probably best to post info so other can assess their chances (in-state vs out) test scores, GPA, etc.

Barrett, the Honors College is a selective residential college that seeks outstanding undergraduates, according to ASU’s website. With a relatively straightforward application as well as an essay and a few references, applying to Barrett seems like a fairly typical process.

“We do look at test scores, but we’re also looking for potential, so people that really made that effort, that were engaged, that took on opportunities outside the classroom,” Aragon said.

Prompt: Barrett is composed of students from diverse backgrounds with distinctive backgrounds with distinctive life experiences.

More often than not, many students often shy away from applying to Barrett because they are afraid it’s too much work, too difficult and not worth it in the end.

However, these concerns they express are only myths. Please remember that some schools and programs have higher admissions requirements, including the Ira A.Fulton School of Engineering, the School of Sustainability, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, the W. Carey School of Business, the nursing program, the College of Health Solutions' kinesiology program, and the the Herberger Institute programs in architecture, music, dance, and theater/film.With my small hand grasping my mother’s tightly, I took a step and plunged off of the edge of my world.Reunited with my father in our new home in Colorado, the world finally seemed to gain color in my eyes.In fact, the residential college doesn’t even list a minimum high school GPA requirement.However, when students hear the words “honors credits” or "honors thesis,” they tend to feel less compelled to check out the school.Visit the University of Arizona undergraduate admissions website to learn more about academics, admissions and financial aid.Please note that admission requirements may vary, depending on the program or college.Explain how your cultural traditions (national, ethnic, religious or other facets of your background) shape your view of the world around you “Mazel Tov!” about 100 of my closest friends and family members sang out.


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