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If the person has set their display name, that name will appear in the dropdown and on the assignment itself.

This task is now assigned to Mark and will show up in his Smart Queue.

Click on the middle "Assigned to you" tab to filter tasks to those assigned to you.

The steps in this article assume that tasks are assigned in columns using a Contact List column type.

(He only sees this task, and nothing else in the Spring Fundraiser queue.) Mark will get a notification alerting him of the new assignment (see Setting Notifications for more details).

If Mark has never used GQueues before, he will get an email inviting him to login for the first time and view his assignment.You mark assignments complete just like any other task, by clicking the black checkmark.If you marked an assignment complete by mistake and need to re-open it you can go to the Smart Queue and click the checkmark.Simply click the Smart Queue and it will take you off the task.(Note: it does not delete the task itself - only the owner can do that.You can remove users from the Assignments dropdown menu by going to the Assignments tab in Settings and clicking next to the user you wish to remove.(This is helpful if you mis-typed a user's email address).You have full control over deciding who can assign you tasks.There are two options for your authorization settings: Initially your account allows anyone to assign you tasks (provided they know your email address). If a person tries to assign you a task and they are not authorized they receive a message explaining the situation.To add a comment to an assignment click the button and type the message in the Comments panel.The owner of the task will be notified of your comment and can respond.


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