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All of these systems are based on the same four elements for inventing names that they variably combine and order: 1. The “mixed system (a)” usually combines two of the four elements mentioned.For example individuals from present-day Spain dating to the Early Neolithic are called Spain_EN, individuals from the site Esperstedt in Germany, dating to the Middle Neolithic are designated Esperstedt_MN.For example individuals associated with the Bell Beaker Complex are not genetically homogeneous across Europe, and thus it is in genetic terms appropriate to use classifications that distinguish subgroups, e.g. Flexibility: The nomenclature needs to be flexible enough to adjust when there are new genetic findings.

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The genetic evidence for large-scale movements of people became undeniable in light of the DNA data, and so the question was no longer about whether ancient DNA analysis can be trusted, but how the results should be interpreted and presented.

This article aims to contribute to developing a better understanding and cooperation between the two disciplines and beyond.

It focuses on the question of how best to name clusters encountered when analysing the genetic makeup of past human populations.

Coherence: Individuals from genetically distinguishable groups should not be given the same name; individuals from genetically indistinguishable ones should.

Accessibility: The names given to genetic clusters should be recognisable and easy to remember.


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