Appearance Versus Reality Macbeth Essay

Appearance Versus Reality Macbeth Essay-28
On one of Macbeth's shoulders is the white angel, his conscience, and on the opposite shoulder sits the red devil, that represents the Weird Sisters and Lady Macbeth's tricks.Macbeth's conscience tells him all the reasons why he should let Duncan live.

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The Witches of course knew that trees could not move on their own however, the branches of the trees in the Great Birnam Wood forest were broken off by Macduff's army and carried to Dunsinane Hill as a way to disguise themselves.

Since the Great Birnam Wood has now moved to Dunsinane Hill Macduff's army has the power to defeat Macbeth. Finally, throughout the act, Macbeth has been depicted as being inexpedient which, starkly contrasts with Lady Macbeth being opportunistic.

The mood is gloomy, and the wicked and powerful appearance of the witches is bestowed upon us.

As the devilish sisters continue their spell, it shows the powers the witches will hold over Macbeth.

This gives him the courage to stand strong and not give up to Macduff and his army.

In reality however, this apparition was an equivocation.

Finally through the appearance versus reality theme it is shown that appearance creates security in a character which is made false by the contrasting reality.

Duncan has trust and feels secure with Macbeth which was proved false when Macbeth murdered him.

Duncan is a king that has ruled Scotland well by far.

Therefore Duncan's death The Role and Symbolism of Blood in Macbeth In plays and novels, blood is normally used to symbolize death, mortality, and family.


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