Ap Biology Essay Standards

Ap Biology Essay Standards-37
A simple description of an experimental setup would not be an adequate answer to the latter question.

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A description is a detailed verbal picture of something; a description question is generally asking for “just the facts.” This is not the place for opinions or speculation.

Instead, you want to create a precise picture of something’s features and qualities.

There are five important signal words that indicate the rough shape of the answer you should provide: Each of these words indicates that a specific sort of response is required; none of them mean the same thing.

Questions that ask you to describe, discuss, or explain are testing your comprehension of a topic.

For example, a discussion question might ask you to discuss which of several theories offers the best explanation for a set of results.

A good answer here would go into detail about why one theory does a better job of explaining the results, and it would talk about why the other theories cannot cope with the results as thoroughly.

A question that focuses on contrast needs an answer emphasizing differences and distinctions.

Because of the changes made by the College Board to the structure of the AP Biology exam for the 2019-2020 school year, our score calculator for this subject is out of date.

Each free-response question will, of course, be about a distinct topic.

However, this is not the only way in which these questions differ from one another.


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