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For instance, the first appearance of the gloves is in Act One, while their abandoning takes place in Act Two; thus, the story progresses in such a way that demonstrates Elsa’s personal growth.By the time of Act Three, the Resolution, her aversion to touch (a product of fearing her own magic) is gone, reflecting a theme of self-acceptance.They are used liberally in both literature and film, and finding them uses a similar process.

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Does it align with his usual style of directing, or does it move in a new direction?

Other examples of contextual approaches might be analyzing the film in terms of a civil rights or feminist movement.

), while an immaculate dress shirt and tie would suggest that the person is prim and proper.

Continuing in that vein: Symbols denote concepts (liberty, peace, etc.) and feelings (hate, love, etc.) that they often have nothing to do with.

If these terms are new to you, don’t worry—they’ll be explained in the next section.

Analysis Essays

Analyzing film, like analyzing literature (fiction texts, etc.), is a form of rhetorical analysis—critically analyzing and evaluating discourse, including words, phrases, and images.Having a clear argument and supporting evidence is every bit as critical to film analysis as to other forms of academic writing.Unlike literature, film incorporates audiovisual elements and therefore introduces a new dimension to analysis.All of these things may be absent in literature, but they are deliberate choices on the part of the director, producer, or screenwriter—as are the words chosen by the author of a work of literature.Furthermore, literature and film incorporate similar elements.As Jacques Aumont and Michel Marie propose in Analysis of Film, there is no correct, universal way to write film analysis.Semiotic analysis is the analysis of meaning behind signs and symbols, typically involving metaphors, analogies, and symbolism.Keep in mind that any of the elements of film can be analyzed, oftentimes in tandem.A single film analysis essay may simultaneously include all of the following approaches and more.Ultimately, however, analysis of film is not too different.Think of all the things that make up a scene in a film: the actors, the lighting, the angles, the colors.


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