An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Analysis Essay

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Analysis Essay-10
She definitely fooled me, as I’m sure she did many others.

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If It was not for the flash back the events that took place on the bridge (the rope breaking) and the subsequent events that occurred in the water would have not been near as effective.

After the flash back Ambrose finishes the story with Peyote’s daydream until e dies at the end from being hanged.

Just as he see’s his wife, he feels a blow to the back of his neck that kills him.

Ambrose Bierce has a beautiful writing style that flows very well.

She is very descriptive and can easily paint a picture for her audience.

On page 399 Ambrose writes, “HIS features were good–a straight nose, firm mouth, broad forehead, from which his long, dark hair was combed straight back, falling behind his ears to the collar of his well-fitting frock coat.She wanted her readers confused, she anted her readers to be thrown for a loop.Unless you have read the story before, then predicting the end of an occurrence at owl creek bridge is unlikely.The flashback is the most important part of the story, in my opinion.It Is very well placed and makes us forget what Is happening In the present so she can set up Peyote’s daydream to make It sound much more believable.Luckily, as he falls the rope snaps and he falls Into the water below with the noose and cord still around his neck and wrist. Pounced upon the noose at his neck” (Ambrose Bierce 402).Although he has freed himself from restraints he is not out of danger.An occurrence at owl creek bridge is one of my new favorite short stories.It has been laced there because it has depth, a creative plot, and is very descriptive.Ambrose Bierce is very creative in her plot and really puts us inside the mind of Peyote.Ambrose was trying to make us think that Peyote Farther had escaped and was going to go home and live to see another day when ABA He dies suddenly because his noose breaks his neck.


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