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Consider how the horror genre only really started rolling after the arrival of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and you will notice the similarity.Alexandre Dumas has created a timeless classic due to the nature of the story; it manages to stay actual even today.We define it as the first stage of transformation, where the truth is the trigger.

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According to the author himself, the whole revenge plot sprung from a real-life story circa 1807.

This is not surprising since just about anyone found himself wanting for revenge, and such a story deals with our basic instincts and human nature as a whole.

In case you need more assistance, here is one more The Count of Monte Cristo Essay: Edmond Dantès’s Transformation In 1844, Alexandre Dumas pere created a masterpiece of the world literature – The Count of Monte Cristo.

Although the novel is considered to be an adventure one, the author managed to develop a decent psychological portrait of the main character with an increased focus on the theme of transformation.

Not only does such plot transcend time, but it also has something to offer to anyone.

The author cleverly centers our attention on the protagonist of exaggerated qualities that is performing feats that the reader is subconsciously projecting onto the ideal self of his own.His research can be defined globally under the heading of sociology of health and physical activity.Generally speaking, this area of research aims to further knowledge on the social mechanisms explaining the health practices of different social groups.At the beginning of the novel, Dantes appears as a young, naive and ingenuous man, head over heels in love, with rosy dreams and expectations.Actually, it is his artless mind that can be blamed for all his trials and tribulations.As fulfilling it may be, at the same time it can leave one empty and desolated.The pendulum of his mind swings from the idea of himself being the “tool of God” to seeing revenge as an obsession that forces him to waste his time on bringing misfortune to the world.The novel remains topical even now because it’s always exciting to observe the evolution process of an individual.That essay deals with the analysis of Edmond Dantes’ transformation from a naive man to an aristocratic count which is aimed to trace all his changes figuring out possible causes and results.To begin with, it would be appropriate to give the definition of transformation as it shows the relevance of the concept to the process under consideration.According to the Oxford English Dictionary “transformation” makes reference to “the action of changing in form, shape, or appearance; metamorphosis.” In that essay, we define as transformation the development of the character.


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