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Furthermore, Servilio (cited by Robinson, 2014) studied the effectiveness of using DI to motivate students to read and found out that an average of 83.4% of the students’ grades improved in reading, 12.5% remained the same, and 41% of the grades decreased. The following null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance.As educator, the teacher-researcher was motivated to conduct this action research on the effectiveness of DI in teaching English on Grade Four pupils for a week-long lesson. What is the performance of the two groups of respondents in the posttest? This action research utilized the experimental design since its main purpose was to determine the effectiveness of DI and its possible effect to the mean gain scores on achievement of pupils on a one-week lesson in Grade 4 English.The experimental group of pupils who were exposed to DI obtains a mean score of 16.45 (Sd=2.34) while the control group who were taught using the traditional method obtain a mean score of 13.82 (Sd=3.53).

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Table 1Pretest Results of the Control and the Experimental Groups Prior to the Experiment The variance results of 4.06 and 3.56 are not that big which signify that both classes are heterogeneous; meaning the pupils were of differing level of intelligence.

This is indeed a good baseline since the results suggest that the two sections included in the study are almost the same in the manner that the scores are scattered.

The K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum aims to help learners understand that English language is involved in the dynamic social process which responds to and reflects changing social conditions.

It is also inextricably involved with values, beliefs and ways of thinking about the person and the world people dwell.

The scores of both the pretest and the posttest were taken and these data were coded, tallied, and were statistically treated using the mean, standard deviation, and t-test of significant difference.

The mean and the standard deviation were used to determine the level of performance of control and experimental groups and the classification of pupils, while the t-test was employed to determine the significant difference of the mean scores on pretest and posttest of both groups.

The achievement test was administered on Monday, October 5, 2015 the following week using parallel teacher-made tests.

The number of pupils was again identified to know whether there was change in their classification.

Two regular sections were included in the study out of the five Grade 4 sections that the school have.

Both groups were given the diagnostic test on Friday, September 25, 2015 to identify the classification of pupils whether they belong to the above average group, average group, and below average group.


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