A Systematic Literature Review On Service Description Methods

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The review is limited to analyzing and making claims on research papers that explicitly apply the term customer journey. (2018), "Customer journeys: a systematic literature review", Journal of Service Theory and Practice, Vol. Nevertheless, how to enhance and manage customer experience across channels and customer interactions continues to be an important service research priority (Ostrom , 2013; Zomerdijk and Voss, 2010, 2011).In most of the reviewed papers, customer journeys are not the main object of interest but are discussed as one of several topics. The term addresses the processual and experiential aspects of service processes as seen from the customer’s viewpoint.BOOKS The Library's e Books come in a variety of formats, some display chapters that can be viewed in HTML format or PDF files that can be saved to your computer, others require an e Book reader software such as Adobe Digital Editions or Blue Fire Reader.

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A rich and at times incoherent customer journey terminology is analyzed and discussed, as are two emerging customer journey approaches: customer journey mapping (analysis of a service process “as is”) and customer journey proposition (generative activities leading toward a possible service “to be”). The notion that customer experience is shaped during (as well as before and after) the interactions between the customer and the service provider (Berry , 2011), have been proposed to manage the processual and experiential as intertwined aspects of services.While the term customer journey is widely used, and customer journey approaches are commonly applied, there does not seem to be a common understanding of what customer journeys are and how different customer journey approaches may support service management and design.This is, for example, seen in the lack of a common customer journey terminology and reference literature.Driven by the current interest in customer journeys, various customer journey approaches have emerged.We understand customer journey approaches to be methods and practices where the service process is analyzed, modeled, managed, or (re)designed applying a customer journey perspective.Searches in Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Knowledge, ACM Digital Library, and Science Direct identified 45 papers for the analysis.The papers were analyzed with respect to customer journey terminology and approaches, the relation to customer experience, the referenced background, and the use of visualizations.The current body of knowledge on customer journeys reflects a mix of related perspectives rather than a single commonly acknowledged customer journey perspective.Some view customer journeys as clearly delimited service processes with marked start- and endpoints (Whittle and Foster, 1991), others see customer journeys as more open-ended processes comparable to the customer loyalty staircase (Nichita , 2012).Throughout the paper we refer to that research and practice in which the term “customer journey” is explicitly applied to obtain a customer viewpoint on the service process as holding a customer journey perspective.When addressing the specific meanings given to customer journey and associated terms such as touchpoints, stages, steps, and events, we refer to these as customer journey terminology.


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