8 Steps Critical Thinking Process

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It is the mental state that does not accept information received by most sources as being completely true or accurate.

None of us can be correct about all that we believe in all of the time.

Wisdom (or critical thinking) begins with appreciating how little we know.

Wise people realise the more they know, the more they know that there is a lot they do not know.

So we should not assume that information received is correct all the time .

8 Steps Critical Thinking Process Essay About Barbie Doll Poem

Abraham in the story above was a critical thinker who refused to do what his father did , that is worship idols because his clear and critical mind told him that idols could not have the power that his Lord has.

A lot of the world's problems in the present times are caused by faulty thinking .

Thinking clearly accurately and with precision is something that is stressed upon numerous times in the Quran.

Excessive pride in ones knowledge is often the mother of ignorance.

And people who think that they know answers usually dont look for alternative explanations.


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